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Anubis Age Meme by fenrirhound Anubis Age Meme by fenrirhound
SAI started working again so I had some fun. I hate drawing childern and will probably never do it again.

This is complete crap.

Age 5: Anubis, known then as Amanda is slowly beginning to realize she's been drawn an unfair hand in life. She's a beggar, spending most of her time away from her home and avoiding her father, she is occasionally granted food and shelter by the local Red Cross. The rapture has hit and demons now walk the earth.

Age 13: Anubis decides being a girl is not for her and cuts her hair short and starts wearing found boys clothing. She's picked up a gun for the first time and has already taken a life.

Age 17: Anubis joins a gang and discovers her femininity is not something to be ashamed of. Although she is far from girly, she feels empowered by her gender instead of oppressed by it, and is devoted to proving she is just as good if not better than the men in her gang. Anubis has met James and considers him her closest friend.

Age 25: Present. Anubis, after watching her gang die at James' hand left the life of a drug dealer and instead becomes an illegal arms dealer. Her association with the local police and several high ranking demons make her a force to be reckoned with. During a battle with an ARK agent she is blinded and poisoned. At the very edge of death her demon friends curse her and she slowly begins to transform into a half demon. Her love interest Allen is killed in cold blood by James, making her more vengeful than ever.

Template can be found here: [link]
sexpet666 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Student General Artist
More mohawks, please.
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